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From start-ups to established businesses planning to expand, finding the appropriate debt financing is often a difficult and time consuming process.

You should get familiar with the available types of debt financings, the funding sources, the type and size of the collaterals needed, the appropriate pricing conditions of the financing and the way to approach a lending institution.

Our job is to identify the financing solution that suits each and every client taking into account, on one hand, the purpose of the financing and on the other hand the specific of the client's business and its financial and economic background.

We are specialized in arranging all forms of financing:
- cash or non-cash facility: credit facility, letter of guarantee (L/G), letter of credit (L/C), enterprise finance guarantee (e.g: FNGCIMM, FGCR);
- the destination: overdrafts, working capital facility, investment loan, real estate finance, project finance, bridge loan;
- the tenor: short term, medium or long term;
- the ranking priority: senior debt or different forms of subordinated debts (mezzanine debt, junior debt or institutional loan stock);
- the repayment method: bullet, revolving, monthly / quarterly installments.

Once the solution has been chosen our specialists will guide the client through preparing the necessary documents in accordance to the exigencies of the credit institution and ensuring assistance from the moment the financial need has been identified to the moment the contract with the credit institution has been signed.

Our intension is to advise on solving the financing problem professionally, responsibly and effectively so that our client will be able to allot his maximum of resources for the correct cause that is the good running and the development of the company.

Contact us to establish a meeting in order to understand the specifics of your business and your financing need.

As your partner, we are committed to meeting your needs at every stage, from preparing the documentation, obtaining and negotiating the financing offers, until signing the financing agreement.

Trust us but don’t just believe us, check what some of our clients think about our services.

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"Full and long term commitment to professionally, responsibly and effectively meet our clients' needs, as the foundation of our business."

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